Questions on the migration

Your new account with Speednames Asia

Welcome to your new portal at Speednames.asia. We hope you like it, and do look out for new products that will be offered soon. You are now able to log in to the Speednames.asia portal here using your existing IP Mirror login details, or use the “Forgot Password” link.  

Why can't I login to my new account?

You will be able to log in using your current account log in credentials. If you have forgotten your logins, no worries, just follow the Forgotten Password instructions.

What will happen with my existing products and services?

 Your existing products and services within the account have been mapped to our new portal. We have also upgraded your existing services at no extra cost. 

What will happen with the credit still in my IP Mirror account?

If you have credit in your IP Mirror account this will be refunded to you via PayPal after the migration of your account.

What new products and services are available with Speednames.asia?

We are now offering you a website and eCommerce creator, professional web design services, monthly billing and auto renewals, and logo design to name a few.

Who do I contact when I need customer support?

We have bolstered our customer and technical support. We now offer email and Telephone support. Online chat is coming soon.



+65 6222 0105

Will I still be using IP Mirror nameservers?

 No, if you are using IP Mirror nameservers you will be migrated to new nameservers as part of the move to Speednames. Your new nameservers will be: 




Master/Slave setup – If you are using a master/slave configuration, you should contact our support team at support@speednames.asia to advise.

Making Payments (Registering and Renewing services)

You will now be able to enjoy new payment options such as being able to save your credit/debit card details to enable automatic domain and service renewals if you wish.  We offer a paypal payment option too.  

Manual multi year renewals and Invoicing will be available in January 2018.

Email and Web Hosting

  Your email and hosting services will continue to run as they are today, but are not yet visible in your Speednames.asia control panel. We aim to allow you to administer these services within the next couple of weeks.

Domain WHOIS

We will also be updating the registrar record on the WHOIS for some top-level domains (TLDs) from IP Mirror to Ascio. The updates will start on 3 July and will take two weeks to complete.  

Can I still auto-renew my services via Speednamess Asia?

 We will still be offering auto-renewals in Speednames for all services, however we will not hold any credit in your account as in IP Mirror. 

Speednames will give you the option to auto renew the domain(s)/service(s) upon expiry, this will be withdrawn directly from PayPal or your bank account rather than holding the credit.   

Why can’t my credit balance be transferred to my Speednames Asia account?

 For security purposes, Speednames.asia is does not retain any credit on your account.  All payment transactions are handled through our secure third-party payment gateway partner, PayPal. Through PayPal’s payment gateway, you can use credit, debit or PayPal to make a purchase or renewal.  

What should I do if I have received a PayPal Invoice?

  As discussed above, Speednames has a temporary process to renew and bill for domain(s) while our payment gateway is being released. This will mean that we are auto renewing all domain(s) at registry level during this integration period, regardless of the payment status.  This decision has been made to avoid losing any domain(s) or loss of service(s) during this integration period. The contact email in the Speednames account will also receive a PayPal invoice for all the domain(s) due to be renewed within an individual month. Please note that all the expiry date(s) will be synced to match the registry and will be shown correctly within your domain manager.  

Will I still have a dedicated Account Manager?

Unfortunately, Speednames will not be offering an Account Manager for any customers with reseller pricing. All technical queries should be sent out to support@speednames.asia and any domain related queries to domainservices@speednames.asia.   

How will you handle domain name disputes?

 Speednames and our registrar Ascio will handle all disputes that require registrar involvement. We are particularly careful and cautious when handling any domain(s) related takedown demands and will always coordinate with our legal department before making any decisions.  

The new pricing doesn’t match the price list I had under IP Mirror?

Speednames will accommodate the standard IP Mirror pricing structures including pricing for Reseller customers, however in order to offer the most effective service, unfortunately we are unable to offer the bespoke pricelists a small number of customers were using.   

Can I still pay for domains and services by cheque?

Speednames Asia does not accept cheques for payment of domains or services.